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Lodge Living Room

The rustic modern Living Room is the heart of Gorgeous Stays. It’s the place that staff and guests gather, day or night. It has comfort seating, fireplace, TV, Wifi, tables, games, DVDs, microwave, coffee, packaged foods and ice cream.

Lodge Deck

A huge 16 ft. x 60 ft. covered deck is the center of activity during the summer. It’s a great place to play pool, eat a snack, chill-out in a hammock chair, lounge in an anti-gravity chair, meet friends around a propane fire-table while it’s raining, or purchase a cool drink and get out of the sun.

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Lodge Bathrooms

We’ve taken the look and function of camp bathrooms up several notches! Located on the ground level of the Lodge, there are separate Men’s and Women’s bathroom areas. Each has private changing stalls, toilets and showers. There are vessel sinks, large vintage mirrors, high-power hand dryers, soaps, shampoo/conditioner and hair dryers, all with great lighting!

Fire Pit

Gorgeous Stays believes in community and meeting new people.  We have created a large community fire pit for people to relax and gather around. With plenty of Adirondack chairs, firewood and tiki torches, you’ll feel like you’re on Survivor! (Sorry, but there is no food cooking allowed at the fire-pit except for hot dogs and marshmallows.)

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Cleaning Porch

Attached to the end of the Lodge Complex is a ground level screened workspace.  Our guests may use the 3-tub stainless steel sink to wash dishes and pots.  Hot and cold water are running for easier clean-up.  There is also a hose outside, behind the sink, where guests may rinse off muddy bicycles, fishing and river gear.

Food Pavilion


At the far end of the Glamping Lane is a huge covered Food Pavilion which is lit at night. It’s right next to the stream and relaxation platforms. With long picnic tables down the length of each side, there’s plenty of room to cook, eat and socialize. There are also propane grills that you may use.Who knows, you may meet new friends!