Frequently asked Questions

What is glamping anyway? 

Glamping is "Glamourous camping." Our goal is to provide everything you need, short of clothes and food.

Are the bugs and other critters?

Um, so we're outdoors and all, but is there WiFi?

Of course! We are still outdoors. 

Do you allow pets? 

There's no shower in my tiny home?? So then where do I shower???

We do have limited wifi. It is mountain wifi, so it's not great.

We allow pets in two of our tiny homes. Reel-It-Inn and the Red Woof Inn. There is a pet fee of $15 a pet. 

Is there anything to buy there?

Is there anything to buy there?

Can we have a fire at our glamping spot?

We're kind of camping, We want to grill! Can we do that? 

Where am I supposed to park?